How to guarantee the cold chain in transport with a fleet manager 3.0 – Logistics Information

Maintaining the cold chain ensures that the products have been kept within the controlled temperature range at all stages, for example, if we are talking about food products, the chain would include production, transport, storage and the final sale of the product. Respecting the cold chain, in addition to being mandatory by law, contributes to … Read more

What are the types of stocks in logistics?

In order to function properly and for everything to work, businesses need to perform inventory control. In this way, to optimize the processes and improve the productivity of the company, it will be necessary to know them types of inventory in logistics. In this note, we tell you everything so that you can find the … Read more

The new sanctions regime comes into force for those who pay for transport in more than 60 days – Logistics Information

As already announced, the new law which establishes the sanctions regime against companies that pay carriers and transport companies for more than 60 days for the provision of their service, is already in force since Sunday, October 3, 2021. The law has been published as requested from the BOE, if you are interested I leave … Read more

What are the future profiles that have not yet been hired in transport and logistics – Logistics Information

September, a real zero month for resumption of activity, launches many new staff selection processes. In logistics and transport, September and October are perhaps the months when there are the most professionals or others who change projects within the same sector. Only those who usually intervene during the months of November and December within express … Read more