The truckers’ strike could take place on September 7

Even after truckers demonstrated their extreme efficiency and practicality in the transport sector amid the pandemic crisis we are experiencing, driver rights issues continue to be a source of dissatisfaction in the sector, resulting in a strike for the rights of truckers. In 2018, the country was paralyzed by the truckers’ strike that had a … Read more

Post-Pandemic Retail by Rony Meisler

We have already spoken here of changes in consumer habits, accelerated by the pandemic. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the world economy could take years to fully recover. This economic recession, added to the quarantine, made people more aware of the way they used to consume. If this shift is … Read more

The autonomous transport of goods by road opens the debate in a seminar

With the country in constant growth, autonomous truckers have been gaining space in the road transport segment, mainly due to their low cost and negotiation flexibility. About 60% of freight transport in the country is handled by self-employed truckers. This Monday (30), the Traffic and Transportation Commission of the Chamber of Deputies promoted a seminar … Read more

The recklessness in the traffic translates into the “loss” of three buses in Cascavel-Paraná

Since February 2019, when exclusive lanes of urban public transport began to be used, left turns were prohibited on the trunk roads of the city of Cascavel-PR for road safety reasons, but a The sequence of reckless accidents in traffic has been generating traffic accidents., increasing and thus causing damage to public transport. These accidents … Read more

Transport of parts | The BR-101 will be blocked by the transport of thermoelectric parts

This Wednesday and Thursday the BR-101 will be blocked due to the transport of thermoelectric parts from Campos to Macaé-RJ. A piece of thermoelectric plant coming from Porto do Açu to Macaé is being transported by BR-101, on days 11 (Wednesday) and 12 (Thursday), this operation will cause traffic changes in the section between the … Read more

Road transport | Industry challenges

Road transport is carried out on roads, such as highways, expressways and streets, which may or may not be paved. This means of transport has the function of moving cargo, people and animals to different places. In Brazil, there are several challenges in road freight transport, the main ones being: security problems – since truck … Read more