Be prepared to face the competition


What do you do when you see that the market is already saturated with big players? Can sustainability guarantee competitive advantages? For Reginaldo Morikawa, sustainability is essential in scenarios with a wide concentration of similar products or services. However, more than that, an essential element stands out for Korin: the constant search for the development of new technologies and processes that are increasingly sustainable and attentive to the needs of society.

Aspects that favor competitiveness

In his last class of the case study “Future Present”, Reginaldo talks about some aspects that favor competitiveness over the competition. One of them is the pioneering feature of Korin: Either you want to be a pioneer or you want to face the competition. And the pioneer does not face competitors? Yes, it faces competitors. But it faces the ability to be two steps ahead, ”says the CEO.

This is something Morikawa is proud of in Korin: they always bring news. However, they cannot stop the competition from copying them. Lately, several companies have followed the Korin product model, including large organizations with many more resources and market share. Although, for most companies, this can compromise or hinder sales, Reginaldo sees it as a positive: “It is a pleasure for us to have the competition adopting products similar to ours, in some cases very close or even identical products, in the case of organic ones, but obviously Korin, at this moment, needs to reinvent itself. (…) And that is sustainability. Because we want our processes to not be private ”.

How Korin Faces the Competition

Korin’s method of not facing competition is very peculiar in the market, since it is a strategy aligned with the purpose of the brand, the philosophy of spreading sustainable ideals to a greater number of followers. But then you may ask yourself: “If Korin doesn’t care about the competition copying its products, how does it stay in the market? What makes customers stay loyal to the brand? ”. In his class, Morikawa provides more details, but the principle behind these answers is how much he invests in innovation and leadership and how he maintains the customer’s commitment to the brand, aspects that can be leveraged with sustainability.

And you, how have you incorporated sustainability to differentiate yourself from the competition? Learn more about this from Reginaldo Morikawa, a CEO who has lived sustainability in business for more than 25 years. See the case study “Future Present” at meuSucesso.


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