BYD Innovates at UK Automotive Electrical Solutions Event


Large companies in the transport sector are turning their horizons towards new solutions using attributes of industry 4.0 and sustainable means for a better use of resources and generation of electricity for transport, such as BYD Brazil, than at the ITT Hub – Innovation and Technology in Transport, which took place until yesterday (01), presented 100% electric solutions for the automotive industry in the United Kingdom.

BYD Showcases 100% Electric Solutions at UK Transport and Tech Event

BYD at ITT Hub – Innovation and Transportation Technology

BYD affirms that operating its products in Brazil resulted in a reduction of more than 256 thousand tons of CO² per year

In this event that is held annually, brings together hundreds of companies in the transportation segment that present the most diverse technological solutions and present new perspectives on brand promotion, companies from all over the world discuss improvements and close alliances for the best performance in the sector .

In a note, BYD explains all the projects that are being developed for the best scalability of the brand, all of them fully electric. BYD also mentions that the new perspectives and the projects to come are all created to improve performance, reduce costs and invest in electric vehicles for distribution.

According to the statement, “The company’s wide range of clean energy products and services has resulted in a ‘zero-emission energy ecosystem’, which includes electric mobility, solar power generation, energy storage and utilization; a complete solution for a cleaner and more sustainable world ”.

BYD is a pioneer in technological solutions in transportation

Eduardo Paes' employer delivers electric trucks to Crivella - Extra, Extra - Extra Online

The pioneering spirit and solutions developed in electric buses and distributed worldwide are one of BYD’s trademarks. According to the company, this event took more than 26 years of experience in projects and technological solutions that had a great impact in the world, generating ease, technology and adaptability to all parts of the world.

BYD products in traditional transportation

BYD showcases its 100% electric 12-meter bus at the UITP World Public Transport Conference in Stockholm

According to the company, there are seven fronts in the segment that BYD achieves in traditional transport:

  • logistics vehicles
  • construction vehicles
  • Taxis
  • passenger cars
  • road buses
  • city ​​buses

The four fronts for specialized transport:

  • warehouses
  • airport operations
  • port operations
  • Mining equipment
  • vehicles

Market of electrical solutions for the transport sector

BYD Showcases 100% Electric Solutions at UK Transport and Tech Event

According to the director of BYD “BYD is the only manufacturer on the continent to market all-electric solutions.“, Guarantees. “We are a provider of truly sustainable solutions, complete electric mobility solutions for operators, local communities and the transport infrastructure in general.”.

Even with the pandemic crisis, the company continued on its well-established path, and by this year 2021 it intends to develop solution projects to optimize and improve transportation processes around the world.


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