Chamber approves reduction of bureaucracy in freight transport


Self-employed carriers and truckers dealing with freight transportation every day have always faced problems with the bureaucracy of these shipments, which often makes it difficult to negotiate and move the process forward. Faced with this problem, the chamber approved the creation of an electronic document that aims to reduce bureaucracy in cargo transportation.

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Implementation process of the Electronic Transport Document (DT-e)

Agribusiness supports the creation and implementation of the Electronic Transport Document (DT-e)

According to the rapporteur Jerônimo Goergen, responsible for the measures taken in the Senate, the document will be very useful for all transport in the country, facilitating the transport of cargo, especially for self-employed professionals who are of great importance to the country. , especially in this pandemic crisis we are facing, where transport professionals take risks every day to continue in the sector and move the economy.

According to Goergen, when he gave a conference on the subject, he indicated that there will be facilities for the means of transport, especially with the new electronic document.

“This provisional measure represents a big change in transportation in Brazil. It was born to try to value the autonomous transporter ”, he said.

Advantage of the Electronic Transport Document (DT-e) for cargo transportation

The Federal Government publishes the Provisional Measure by which the Electronic Transport Document (DT-e) is created

The attitude of approving the creation of the Electronic Transportation Document (DT-e) will serve to unify all the documents that refer to cargo transportation, an initiative of the Gigantes del Asfalto program. After approval, the deputies complemented by promoting the benefits that the transportation sector will have after implementing the new DT to facilitate and reduce bureaucracy in cargo transportation in Brazil.

After explaining the matter, Deputy Arnaldo Jardim added promoting the new DT-e and its advantages for the driver in charge of cargo transport.

“We celebrate this initiative and the possibility of, with it, benefit the autonomous freight carrier, restricting the so-called freight, with proof of income and more guarantee of accounts receivable. This is also a virtue of the Electronic Transport Document ”.

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In addition to document unification, DT-e can make freight cheaper for the autonomous driver, which can be a great advantage for the expansion of freight transport and the logistics sector in Brazil.


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