Communication for niches: high commitment with few resources


How many times, as an entrepreneur, have you spent money and money on advertising actions that simply turned out to be nothing? Frustrating, huh? Because, going against what many marketers do, Reginaldo Morikawa tells how he turned Korin into a considered company Top of Mind with very little investment in mainstream media and using niche communication.

non-violent communication

One of the aspects of Korin’s communicative style already gives him a particularity: non-violent communication (NVC). How to apply the CNV principles to the brand? Starting from the objective of this type of approach – communicate with authenticity, empathy and strengthen good relationships -, in Korin we observe the following applications:

1. Look at the big picture: Always attentive to the environment, context and trends, Korin assumes his responsibility in society through his work;

2. Active listening: Korin values ​​always listening to its customers, seeking solutions to satisfy consumer needs;

3. Don’t judge the competitor: In his communication, Korin does not promote competitive competition; Its main strategy is to communicate its mission and act in accordance with the purpose of the brand.

communication for niches

Super applicable, right? For those who have small and medium-sized businesses, saving and being assertive in communication is everyone’s dream. And the key to that, according to Reginaldo Morikawa, is simple: have a transparent business that transmits its truth and, thus, sells more.

How have you demonstrated your purpose and the main differentials of your brand? When a brand speaks honestly and appropriately, the consumer takes notice.

Reginaldo invested in a more accessible resource than conventional media (television, advertising, advertisements in magazines and social networks): relations with the press. That is, he opted for create guidelines and show that Korin is, in fact, an expert on organic and sustainability.

So naturally they were invited to lectures, interviews and reports, legitimizing itself with a Top of Mind without ad spend. This gave Morikawa a great advantage, as he had a wide stage to spread ideas about sustainability to an audience that was fully in line with his proposal. That is, 100% assertiveness.

How about you also think of alternatives to promote and engage your audience? To help you on this journey, check out more insights Reginaldo Morikawa has on niche communication and learn how to use it on specific audiences here at meuSucesso. The case study “Future Present” is available on the platform with 7 days free. Enjoy!


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