CPTM strike: Justice determines that 80% of workers work during peak hours.


Lines 11, 12 and 13 of the CPTM will be affected by the work stoppage.

The strike scheduled for this Tuesday (August 24) on lines 11-Coral, 12-Zafiro and 13-Jade of CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos) is determined by the Labor Court that at least 80% of workers work during peak hours (morning and afternoon), and 60% work other hours.

Railway workers maintain CPTM strike for this Thursday (15) - News - R7 São Paulo

This information is from the state company itself, which also reported that there is a fine of R $ 100,000 per day if the Union of Workers of the Railway Companies of the Central Zone of Brazil does not comply with the Court’s ruling. Due to this stoppage, the rotation of municipal vehicles was suspended.

The strike was decided this Monday night (August 23) at a salary readjustment meeting and PPR (Profit Sharing Program). The PAESE (Service Plan for Companies in Emergency Situations) was activated by the railway company.

Which CPTM lines are on strike this Thursday 15?

The operations are carried out as follows:

  • Line 11-Coral: Interrupted circulation between Guaianases and Student stations – PAESE buses activated for the section
  • Line 12-Zafiro: Bus requested between Calmon Viana and Tatuapé stations
  • Line 13-Jade: Bus requested between Engenheiro Goulart and Aeroporto-Guarulhos stations.

SPTrans (São Paulo Transporte) in São Paulo and EMTU (Empresa Metropolitana de Transportes Urbanos), which will coordinate the PAESE operation in neighboring municipalities. In a statement, SPTrans explained how the operation is in the capital with 12 buses.

SPTrans also reports that PAESE was activated on Line 12-Sapphire at the request of CPTM. Starting at 4 am this Tuesday (August 24) Jd. Romano and Tatuapé will be served by buses.

In accordance with CPTM’s request, the special line with 12 vehicles will be implemented in the section between the two stations, thus guaranteeing the movement of passengers.

The buses will follow the following routes:

Address Jd. Roman:

Tatuapé Station, Catiguá Street, Henrique Sertório Street, Jacirendi Street, Condessa Elizabeth de Robiano Avenue, Gabriela Mistral Avenue, Dr. Assis Ribeiro Street, Ing. José Cruz de Oliveira Street, João José Rodrigues Street, São Miguel Padre Aleixo Street Monteiro Mafra, Av. Marechal Tito, Praça José Caldini, Rua Miguel Ângelo Lapena, Praça Getúlio Vargas Filho, Rua Arlindo Colaço, Av. Dr. José Artur da Nova, Rua Santa Rosa de Lima, Rua Paranacity, Rua Ascenso Fernandes, Rua Conceição do Almeida, Rua São Gonçalo on the river das Pedras, Rua Carlo Bibiena, Rua Erva de Santa Luzia, Av. Estrela da Noite, Rua Cordão de São Francisco, Estrada da Biacica, Rua Cordão de São Francisco, Rua Domingos Fernandes Nobre, Rua Jerônimo Maranhão, Av. Diogo da Costa Tavares.

Tatuapé sense:

Est. Jardim Romano, Av. Diego da Costa Tavares, R. Jerônimo Maranhão, R. Domingos Fernandes Nobre, R. Bernardo de Chaves Cabral, R. Maué-Guaçu, R. Cordão de São Francisco, Av. Estrela da Noite, R . Erva de Santa Luzia, R. Carlo Bibiena, R. São Gonçalo del Rio das Pedras, R. Adriano Seabra, R. Ascenso Fernandes, R. Paranacity, R. José Artur da Nova, R. Salvador Medeiros, Praça Padre Aleixo Monteiro Mafra , Av. São Miguel, St. João José Rodrigues, St. Ing. José Cruz de Oliveira, St. Fidelis Mota, St. Ing. José Cruz de Oliveira, St. Dr. Assis Ribeiro, St. Gabriela Mistral, St. Mario de Castro, Rua Carlos Meira, Rua Rodovalho Junior, Rua Ver. Cid Galvão da Silva, Av. Airton Pretini, Rua Gonçalo Bastos, Rua Aiama, Rua Melo Peixoto, Rua Catiguá.

CPTM proposes an agreement to employees

In a statement, CPTM regretted the strike decision and reported that it was proposing an agreement to the workers.

Strike affects operation of three train lines in Greater São Paulo |  Brazil: Pernambuco Magazine

According to CPTM, it is inadmissible that the union representing the employees of the 11-Coral, 12-Sapphire and 13-Jade lines decides to go on strike in the midst of an overwhelming global economic crisis, even with the entire adult population vaccinated, harming also to citizens. who depend on public transportation to get to and from work, including frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19.

The Company regrets the decision to strike and hopes that, out of respect and consideration for citizens who need public transportation, not all employees of these rail lines will participate in this strike. Reinforcing that 80% of employees must work at peak hours and 60% at other hours, by decision of the Labor Court, with a penalty of R $ 100,000 per day. In order to serve all the people who need public transportation, especially those who work in essential services, the company will also work with a contingency plan.

General strike: Metro and CPTM obtain a court order to keep the trains running |  SEE

Although it was severely affected by the reduction of passengers due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, CPTM keeps salaries and benefits updated, with an average salary of around R $ 6,500, given that Brazilian workers have an average income of R $ 2,500.

It is difficult to understand that these unions do not live in the reality of the rest of the country, which suffers from job losses, loss of income and hunger.

CPTM presented a proposed readjustment of 6% retroactive to March 2021, paid as of January 2022. In relation to the collective agreement for 2020, a readjustment of 4% was proposed as of August 2021, retroactive to March 2020 In addition, the payment of the PPR in two installments (the first already paid on 08/10 and the other half on January 10, 2022).


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