Crisis-proof business creation


Entrepreneurs know how many difficulties, unforeseen events and struggles the day-to-day running of a business entails. Even with good planning, unexpected things can happen. The pandemic was one of them. No one expected something as challenging and unprecedented as the situation we all face. But have you ever imagined that sustainability can help you get out of tough situations more easily?

“If the crisis opens the way to progress and makes you rethink, it is no longer a crisis.”

Reginaldo Morikawa, CEO of Korin

How to handle a crisis?

Numerous deals closed during the pandemic. If yours is a survivor or has reinvented itself, you deserve congratulations! Here we have the example of Korin. The company is part of the food industry, one of the sectors that has suffered the most price increases in recent times. The increase in meat, supplies, fuels and many other things was reflected in most of the businesses. However, Reginaldo Morikawa, protagonist of the case study “Future Present”, says that the concept of sustainability was the positive differential to overcome the difficulties of that moment. While the mainstream market was affected by low consumption, Korin’s customers remained loyal, ensuring profit and healthy business development.

This is because sustainable products have a higher added value than conventional ones. Even being more expensive, customers do not compromise on the quality and beliefs that surround the Korin brand.

The CEO of Korin talks about the various difficulties he has been through since he started running the business. For him, sustainability works as a strategy to be more resilient. “Sustainability and the sustainable product give you a much greater capacity to overcome moments of crisis like the one we are experiencing today.”Morikawa says.

Always look for differentiation

The pioneering spirit of the brand and his vision for the future placed Reginaldo in decisive situations throughout his career, such as the legislation on his products, which in the mid-nineties was non-existent, since there were no similar companies and, therefore , they did not exist. regulations and certificates necessary to commercialize. But Reginaldo invested in his purpose and fought for the legislation itself to understand the differentiated product.

From that moment on, it managed to demonstrate the value of the differentiation of its products to the point of receiving a unique certification in the country and making Korin a benchmark on the subject. Reginaldo shows us that being a pioneer is persevering in your business, believing in your purpose – in the principle of a sustainable organization – and emphasizes that it is precisely the purpose that supports us in the moments it demands. Resilience. How is your purpose going? Can you identify how to implement these elements in your business?

Learn more about Reginaldo Morikawa’s resilience in the “Present Future” case study here at mySucesso and be able to cope with crises.


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