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With several companies in the transport sector, the main objective of the carriers is to work for the proper functioning and good logistics of the cargo in the country, a big problem faced in the transport of cargo is the detail that the loads need in its agreement process with the characteristics of each product.

With that in mind, we are going to present the 5 types of cargo and their characteristics, but first of all, know the types of cargo to transport.

Know your type of load

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Currently, to transport a load it is essential to know the characteristics of the load to be transported, so it is extremely important that you know the load to be able to take the necessary precautions both to transport it and to send it to the recipient.

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Some of the charges that exist today are:

heavy loads

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In this type of highly complex cargo, specific transport is required for shipment, some examples of this modality are:

  • Cars
  • machinery
  • Heavy metals

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Pharmaceutical load

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Pharmaceutical cargo also has very specific characteristics and requires a higher level of commitment on the part of the carrier that will be in charge of the transport, complying with all the requirements and leaving everything documented. Some loads that comply with this modality are:

  • Vaccines
  • Pharmaceutical equipment
  • Medications among others

Refrigerated load

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Refrigerated cargo is based on the transport of food and perishables, which have the need to be frozen or preserved in some way, such as

Dangerous load

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Some types of cargo can be dangerous for shipping and therefore require some care on the part of the contracted carrier, some cargoes that may have this content are:

  • Radioactive products
  • Chemical products
  • Explosives

fragile loads

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This type of load requires some caution on the part of the driver, some loads that have high fragility can and can be damaged if they are transported incorrectly, here are some examples:

  • Glass doors
  • frames
  • Acrylic kit


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