How to innovate and create a company ahead of its time


Do you often wonder how to innovate more within your business? Consumers are always on the lookout, looking for news. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen your innovation strategy. Reginaldo Morikawa teaches about the value of sustainability for the development of innovative strategies, allowing to draw strategies capable of anticipating trends.

According to him, “Sustainability has a great capacity to bring you new ideas”, After all, sustainable practices lead to cost reduction and reuse, making it easier to solve problems and promote innovation.

Learning to innovate with Korin

The CEO of Korin says the secret to innovation is investing in research: Today, Korin has around 40 projects that have yet to be launched because they are way ahead of their time. Due to intense research and development, they are able to predict the ideal time to launch a new product, but still, they continue to deepen their studies. This is a great example of how to assess what ideas you can research and develop to launch in the future, acting more thoughtfully and aiming for better results.

However, not all companies have an R + D + i department, with researchers or specialized employees, the reality of many entrepreneurs is to innovate by “getting by” with what they have.

For those of you who seek to learn a little more about this issue of sustainability as a focus of differentiation in your work, in your business, I advise you to study a lot these companies like Korin, who already have this committed role. Learn a lot about this ESG concept, learn a lot about the paths that are being pointed out in this post-pandemic ”.

Reginaldo Morikawa

The first step for those who are “EUentrepreneurs” is to seek knowledge, learn from those who have already gone through all the phases of a business and, today, can share and teach, just like Reginaldo. He even tells how he got a new bachelor’s degree in marketing just to understand more about the challenges of communicating his products. And so he was able to continue with the new businesses.

The fact is that innovating is not an easy task, but it is possible at any stage of your journey. Better understand how Reginaldo Morikawa worked on this innovation challenge ahead of Korin and made the brand one of the benchmarks in organic in the country.


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