Polimix Concreto buys 150 VM trucks from Volvo


The great Polimix Concreto LTDA, a concrete company, created in 1976, surprising the market with the purchase of the new fleet of Volvo VM trucks, this great operation will have a direct impact on the expansion of production and the growth of the sector. The big news was even more resounding, as this is the first time the company has purchased Volvo trucks.

Concrete show - 2019 - Polimix

With the recovery of the economy, Polimix is ​​investing a lot in the concrete segment this year, even with the pandemic crisis, the company is taking advantage of the moment of weakness in the sector to resume activities and expand production, improving logistics and exploring the advantage competitive in the industry to gain market value.

VM Light Mixer truck raises expectations for Polimix Concrete

Polimix decided to start operations with the purchase of the VM Light Mixer model, a truck made for the transport of concrete, the great advantage of this truck is its capacity to transport 1 m³ more than the other models, ensuring greater productive performance, which generates expectations to expand the sectors and expand the segment with the investment acquired.

Polimix - 44 years old - Polimix

Volvo currently delivered 52 two units of the 150 trucks to Polimix, according to the company, the rest of the trucks will arrive in July this year.

All vehicles were tested in production before being made available to the company, ensuring the high and improved production capacity of the model. Polimix is ​​developing and improving the entire logistics sector for the new changes that are taking place in the company.

Polimix Concreto expects to increase productivity with the VM Light Mixer model

The VM Light Mixer trucks were designed and launched in 2020 and improved to obtain the best performance and maintain the strength necessary for the good productivity of the customers using the new models.

Part of the trucks were acquired with financing provided by Volvo Financial Services and also acquiring maintenance plans for the models in the event of unforeseen events that may occur on this new trip.

All trucks will receive the Volvo Gold level plan, which covers all preventive maintenance for the new model.

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