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Road transport is carried out on roads, such as highways, expressways and streets, which may or may not be paved. This means of transport has the function of moving cargo, people and animals to different places.

Road transport: everything that matters

In Brazil, there are several challenges in road freight transport, the main ones being: security problems – since truck and cargo theft is a common complaint in the country – being a constant concern of drivers and carriers, who none of them are in full control. about this fact. The risks are very high, which increases costs with safety and caution in deliveries, this requires additional attention and the maximum security mechanisms that the carrier can offer, for safer transport, such as tracking, cargo blocking, among others.

Another recurring challenge is the shortage of skilled labor for the job, from management to drivers, where it is necessary to hire reliable people who are efficient throughout the process and the needs of the company, who compete with each other to present the best result and stand out. . Good people management in the company is also necessary and important, so that everything runs smoothly.

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As limitations of the structure of the roads, it is also important to be highlighted, since about 60% of the transport of loads is carried out by means of roads outside the country, where there are many obstacles, like so many buracos, lack of signaling on the roads, among others. This problem can be found especially on roads further away from large industrial and commercial centers, making it difficult for carriers and drivers to service.

The imbalance in the return of cargo is a fact, since more than 50% of the economic activity is concentrated in the southeast region of the country, which makes it difficult to balance the flow of cargo in round trips, especially considering the immensity of Brazil, which hurts the decrease in travel expenses.

Recesses are also a constant problem in this matter, since transportation reflects what happens in the Brazilian economy. With the economic slowdown, the transport sector follows the same path, after all, what is produced is transported. Therefore, the consumer is the one who most influences economic growth and, consequently, the demand for transport services, large or small.

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The great competition in this sector, coupled with falling demand, also brings its challenges. And every year more road freight transport companies appear in the country. With so many transportation options, the service goes through a process where most customers choose the service primarily because of the price.

At present, this sector has been well considered, mainly for the advantages it offers to the most visionaries, such as the opportunity to do business in the middle of a pandemic and whoever manages to perceive this opportunity, gains an advantage over so many other companies and newcomers. competitors in the field, regardless of demand.

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E-commerce is one of the most advantageous, since, due to the increase in Internet purchases – it increased in the period of isolation And even later, with the effects that the pandemic brought, in addition to the practicality and ease of electronic commerce for the consumer, it directly impacts the demand for road transport of so many loads. Carriers must focus on this possibility, increasingly offering quality service and fast deliveries, as well as learning and applying good logistics and cost intelligence.Know which e-commerce operators they are - Intelipost

In the collaborative transport modality, we have companies that associate and collaborate with each other -to reduce costs with fleets, in addition to fuel- and bet on this transport, which is a great solution to make the most of the capacity of the vehicles and save fuel, especially with the values ​​that rise more and more. Outra positive part of the modality of the strengthening of brands among themselves and among consumers, and together these companies will seek to maintain quality of service, in addition to being able to take advantage of the partnership, or compartment of space without rubbing and to create a great and better intelligence of dices. They also generate new business opportunities. For this practice to be successful, communication and organization between people and companies is important.

Trucking Competition and Industry Challenges

Today, the transport and logistics market leaves competitors in great competition, due to the huge supply of existing carriers, where they compete with each other, offering the best offers and labor and, by competing for similar actions, It is necessary that the most visionary present distinction between competitors to stand out among so many others.

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Differentiation in this sector means efficiency, product safety, delivery on time or even earlier and communication at all times. The more these competitors reduce their costs, without losing quality, the more chances they have of retaining their customers and achieving more success every day.

Technology and innovation in road transport

Currently, we also live in an almost completely digital era and the use of technology in any sector is necessary and for those who have not yet joined, it becomes innovation. The implementation of digital tools and the use of this technology in transportation is important to optimize the processes and resources of each carrier. Management, monitoring and communication systems have become essential tools for carriers seeking efficiency, safety, agility and, above all, offering a quality service to their customers.

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An example would be the tracking system in tracking fuel prices. This is a differential for companies that need to reduce costs and thus put the company ahead of the market, even because fuel prices represent a large part of operating costs in the field.

Each entrepreneur and organization must analyze what are the biggest challenges that affect their business idea and have a strategy to develop it, in addition to analyzing what opportunities fit with their ideas. In this way, the positive and negative points will be worked together to ensure a good delivery by the carrier.


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