The recklessness in the traffic translates into the “loss” of three buses in Cascavel-Paraná


Since February 2019, when exclusive lanes of urban public transport began to be used, left turns were prohibited on the trunk roads of the city of Cascavel-PR for road safety reasons, but a The sequence of reckless accidents in traffic has been generating traffic accidents., increasing and thus causing damage to public transport. These accidents are the result of the irresponsibility of some drivers who do not respect the signs and access Avenida Brasil, Tancredo Neves and Barão do Rio Branco more quickly, without cutting the block.

Recklessness: In six days, three public transport buses were injured due to left turn in dedicated lanes |  Rattlesnake |  Taroba News

Reckless traffic accident on the East / West line leaves injured

A serious accident occurred at dawn on the 18th (Wednesday) on the East / West line, leaving two passengers injured, in addition, the other passengers had to wait for the arrival of another bus to continue their journey. That same day there was another accident between the corner of Avenida Brasil and Barão do Rio Branco. On the 23rd, an accident occurred again, this time on Avenida Rio Branco, on the corner of Rua Dimas Pires Bastos, which generated more difficulties and delays for passengers.

Transit - Transit

In these avenues with exclusive lanes, the driver, when turning left, runs the risk of colliding with buses, or with other types of vehicles, such as ambulances, security forces or taxis, all with authorization to use these lanes as well.

Secondly, Larissa Boeing, manager of the Transit Transportation Division, there is great concern about the record of several accidents involving the concessionaire’s buses during this year, the company has a limited number of buses with left doors for the trunk lines, and as a reserve, only a spare vehicle. This is reflected at the expense of all passengers in public transport, as there are delays at each occurrence and adjustments are needed in the lines to adapt to the capacity of the vehicles, as happened last week, when two vehicles were damaged in a only day ”. , reports, Larissa.

The greatest recklessness is on Avenida Brasil.

From January to July of this year, the “Bateu System” reported 12 incidents in the exclusive lanes, with Avenida Brasil as the reckless leader, with eight accidents and four injuries, followed by Tancredo Neves and Barão do Rio Branco, with (three events ) and (an accident), respectively.

Luciane de Moura, Transitar traffic educator, reports that these numbers are approximate, since not all occurrences are registered by those involved in the accidents, and some have registered the system with up to 6 months of delay. The least damaging events, bicycle and pedestrian accidents are not always included in these statistics.

According to Simoni Soares, president of Transitar, the municipality is always investing in road safety education, guiding how to use each modal correctly and properly signaling these avenues, so that everyone involved in traffic is safe.

Traffic education and awareness

The lack of education of the population is also perceived, from drivers who turn left, to pedestrians, cyclists, sports and leisure practitioners, and even skates, scooters and mopeds are used improperly in public transport channels, with risk of a fatal accident.

The traffic will intensify the inspection of article 207 of the Brazilian Traffic Code, in order to stop left turns, and encourage the practice of cutting loop, thus increasing road safety and reducing damage to the community. This article has a fine of R $ 195.25 and 5 points in the CNH for drivers who are caught by a traffic officer making left / right turns in prohibited places.

Patrícia Martins de Moura, Transit inspector, reports that the actions will begin on the 23rd, with the presence of traffic officers on the roads, and will continue indefinitely, with the aim of reducing this type of infractions and accidents. The GIT (Transit Infraction Management) reports that from January to July this year, 539 drivers have already been notified for turning left in a prohibited place on the avenue. The intention is that this number will decrease more and more.


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