Those who see sustainability as a strategy are more prepared for success.


The common sense that sustainability is only one element that should be included in the management of the company’s image is outdated. Have you ever stopped to think that implementing a sustainability strategy can guarantee the success of your business? Because that is exactly what Reginaldo Morikawa has been doing for almost 20 years, leading one of the pioneering brands in sustainability and organic food in Brazil, Korin.

Sustainability as a business strategy

In our first class on the subject on the meuSucesso platform, we learned from Reginaldo’s experience that the value of sustainable business is much greater than the monetary value. According to the CEO, this strategy allows to deliver beyond what is expected by the consumer, since intangible values ​​and long-term benefits are included.

But how can a small and medium entrepreneur develop a sustainable business? First, it is necessary to demystify that this issue is something exclusive to large companies and multinationals. Owners of neighborhood markets, dental clinics, pet stores and beauty salons can and should also include sustainable practices in their business processes and management, with the goal of achieving better business performance. When it is understood that these practices bring a positive return to society, fear and inertia give way to movements that generate value.

Today, consumer interest in brands with sustainable attitudes is increasing. The demand of citizens for issues of social relevance forces changes in companies. But why not anticipate and make changes to your business on your own initiative? Reginaldo says that the entrepreneur will be forced to migrate towards sustainable models, either “out of love or pain.”

Simple actions for your business

In the “Future Present” case study, Morikawa provides knowledge about simple actions that every entrepreneur can take as a first step towards a conscious and valued business that, when perceived by the client, conquers and culminates in a positive result. Here are some tips that you can include in your business. Which ones do you already do or could you start in the short term?

Encourage the use of alternative transportation Instead of 15 employees arriving at the company with their cars or by public transport, why not offer a chartered transport? In this way, you will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and you will also ensure that all employees arrive at the same time.

Verify frameworks and compliance with environmental laws.

– National Solid Waste Policy: adapt the
practices to reduce waste disposal through treatment and reuse.

– National Policy of Water Resources: rational use
of water, in addition to ensuring cost savings, provides
for the future of the next generations.

save paper and
the plastic.
– Review the need to generate printed documents.

– Change the use of plastic cups for washable cups or personalized bottles.

– Reuse printed sheets of paper for writing or notepads.

Avoid wasting water and energy.

– Installing a water reuse system is an excellent alternative. However, you can take short steps
term how: install automatic faucets.

– Always turn off computers, equipment
electric lights and lights at the end of the day.

It is necessary to demystify the idea that it is an expensive operation or that it will leave your company at a competitive disadvantage. Entrepreneurs who invest in this topic better understand their value proposition and how to overcome their challenges based on sustainability.

It is a global and irreversible movement. Everyone will have to adapt to this new reality. The difference of starting with free initiative is that this change will materialize in a greater advantage, as Reginaldo Morikawa experienced with Korin a growth of more than 800% in recent years.

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