Time to innovate: alternative methods to be agile


What do you think is more risky: innovate and have no return or maintain your way of operating and always have the same return? Have you ever stopped to reflect on what can really transform both your business model and your results? What if we say that sustainability can also be an important ally to achieve these goals? We explain it better below.

time to innovate

Leandro Rosa, a sustainability specialist at Unimed Brasil, understands that it is not enough to promote changes, it is necessary to understand the moment and how to put them on the market. There are numerous companies that could not keep up with these needs and others that started their practices with small attitudes and became a benchmark.

One of them is Korin, who seeks to correctly observe the movements of its consumers and potential new entrants to the sector. While the brand grew 13% in 2020, a very significant number given the context of Covid-19, CEO Reginaldo Morikawa created a board focused on Marketing and Innovation. In this way, it began to look for new products with added value for the public that yearns for new options that improve their quality of life.

Of course, before reaching this level of high investment, small and medium entrepreneurs need to know well where they are treading to reduce their risks. For this, Leandro Rosa brings a practical alternative to analyze its innovation potential in terms of sustainability.

Sustainability-oriented innovation matrix

Proposed by an Indian teacher named Olive Nerurkar, The tool is called the Sustainability-Oriented Innovations Matrix and considers the crossing of two pieces of information: the maturity and capacity of the organization to act sustainably versus how much the target consumer values ​​the issue.. And like any good matrix, you will use it to see your performance condition from 4 quadrants.

During the analysis, it will be possible to identify if it is necessary to focus on compliance with the standards and regulations of the sector in which the organization operates, for example, or if the priority is the redesign of its activities with a focus on cost reduction. and inputs (water, energy, use of raw materials, etc.).

By looking at the matrix as a tool for your strategy, you will clearly see the gaps that prevent your business from consistently innovating. This is very important, because if your company is small and does not have so many resources, especially technological ones, it will not do much to create something phenomenal that, after six months, will cease to exist, right? Do you see how sustainability also contributes to this clearer vision of what does and does not make sense in your production processes?

Lower risk, higher development

When we use it in all aspects of the organization, we reduce risks, costs and contribute to the development of new solutions. This understanding made Korin, under the direction of Reginaldo, what it is today, and you can also act with maximum efficiency in your processes, learning from the experience of the protagonist of the case study “Future Present”.

If fear is still in your head, don’t worry. We know that positioning, preparing and taking advantage of sustainability to innovate is not so simple on a day-to-day basis. MySucesso will help you with this! Learn more about how to implement sustainability actions, innovate in your business and be more agile in the transition in Reginaldo Morikawa’s case study, “Future, Present”.


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