What can you do in seven years?


In July 2014, the first meuSucesso case study was issued. The first of many, as they say. But reaching out to many, he had a long history of hard work, dedication, dedication, and purpose.

Looking back, we see how far we have come in difficult times for the economy, society and the world at large. There were countless challenges we faced and at the same time we helped to face them. In these seven years, the growth has been evident, all with a purpose: to change the mentality of people in relation to the business world and to empower as many people as possible to develop and achieve their goals.

For this purpose we move at great speed, always following trends and translating what is happening in the world. See a bit of our trajectory in numbers.

More than 40 case studies

During these seven years, we seek to bring great success stories from the business world. They were well known and recognized names in their area of ​​expertise, from different sectors of the economy and with the most varied careers. We tell stories of big brands in the national and international market. Here you can see how Wise Up, Polishop, Chilli Beans, Reserva, Phytoervas, Óticas Diniz, Cacau Show, Multilaser, Sorridents, Kopenhagen, Embraer, Mãe Terra, China In Box and many others were born.

We show mistakes, successes, master moves, business vision, people, culture and how to face competition, the market, changes in the world and much more. Here, those who know the way constantly accelerate and inspire it.

Content over 500 hours

The documentary format in which we tell the stories is how we help inspire you on your journey. Nothing better than learning from everyday life, the pressures of real life and the decisions that must be made.

But we don’t stop there, we create immersive classes with market specialists and with the entrepreneurs themselves. Since last year, we have created Liveclass, our free, live-only class format. In addition to many practical exercises and additional materials to get fit in your area of ​​expertise.

More than a million people affected

Whether through our free classes, exclusive content, case studies, social media posts, newsletters, telegram groups, etc., more than a million people follow our content, share learnings and are inspired to follow their paths.

Special series that follow trends

We were already in Silicon Valley to understand how growth hacking works, we talked about franchise openings and startups, we unveiled the success strategies of big names and last year we talked about a contingency plan to survive the crisis caused by the pandemic.

But in addition to the achievements and milestones reached by meuSucesso, what delights and motivates us the most is seeing people getting inspired, growing and achieving.

What do we discover in this journey?

We discovered that it is possible to teach in a different way, that it is possible to break the pattern, the status quo and the comfort zone. We also learned that there are thousands of ways to “exercise.” There is no formula for success, and that term is relative and very personal.

During these 7 years, we have had the privilege of helping to transform the mentality of thousands of people, demonstrating that it is possible to undertake in your business, in your career, in your life.

We continue to be restless and reinvent ourselves in the commitment to see more and more people transforming their stories. Because our purpose is to show that it is possible for you to become your best version of success.

Together, let’s continue to evolve over the next 7 years.


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